“Mochi Skin” or “Mochi Hada” in Japanese refers to smooth, soft, supple and bouncy skin - much like the beloved dessert mochi/もち as the name suggests.  

At Mochi Mochi we are focused on

  • Introducing products we personally use, test, and love. As well as listening to our customers requests for products and keeping up to date with current trends.
  • Sourcing hard to find products and niche brands from all over the world and making them available through our store and to our NZ locals.
  • Support indie/small brands whenever we can, as a small business ourselves.

Back in ~2009-2015 I had a similar online store - I sold a lot of skincare like Korean BB creams and eos lip balms (remember those?!), nail posh & makeup that was hard to find and not readily available in NZ at the time. Eventually we put a pause to the shop because I had kids, changed careers, life took me in a different direction etc. However, I've always stayed a skincare enthusiast.

Fast forward to now I’m ready to share my love for skincare, beauty (and more) once again.

Side note: Our cat is named mochi - see pic!