MIXSOON Bean Essence

$47.00 NZD


Mixsoon Bean Essence is a multifunctional product that can be used as an exfoliator or moisturising essence to alleviate dead skin cells, excess sebum and lack of hydration.

Beans are rich in amino acids that are essential for skin. Pears, barley and pomegranates provide sufficient moisture and nutrients. The fermented slime formulation fills the gaps in the skin.

facts and figures

✓ Reduction of dead skin cells by 78.76%

✓ Reduction of sebum by 85.80%

✓ Increase in skin moisture by 177.83%

✓ Reduction of blackheads by 85.80%

✓ Improvement of the skin structure

✓ No skin irritation detected


How to use: 

This essence may be applied as an exfoliator or moisturiser. 

Exfoliator: Apply the Bean essence to the skin and roll in a circle until residue starts to form. Wash off with lukewarm water and apply moisturiser afterwards. 

Moisturiser: Apply an even layer all over the skin and gently pat to allow absorption. 


Ingredients: Lactobacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract, Lactobacillus/Punica Granatum Fruit Ferment Extract, Saccharomyces/Barley Seed Ferment Filtrate, Lactobacillus/Pear Juice Ferment Filtrate

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