$28.00 NZD


Non-steroidal, weakly acidic like the skin, non-alcoholic, and a base formula that is pleasing to the skin.

Refreshing feel perfect for adult acne
The gel cream that becomes transparent as soon as it is applied, spreads smoothly and is a pleasant design that does not burden the affected area. By minimizing the amount of oil, we have achieved a refreshing feeling of use that does not smudge or smudge makeup from above. A refreshing green tea scent with a medicinal effect.

Adopts a narrow mouth that makes it easy to dispense an appropriate amount
A narrow mouth that makes it easy to apply the right amount of cream in response to "I want to apply it only to the affected area". It's designed to keep your mouth clean, so it's clean and convenient.

Contains two active ingredients: ibuprofen piconol, an ingredient that calms acne inflammation, and isopropyl methylphenol, an antibacterial ingredient, which is effective against acne and pimples.
Weakly acidic, non-alcoholic design.
How to use: Apply an appropriate amount onto the affected area. Apply after cleansing the skin.

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